Sheema South MP Mushemeza rallies residents on Bulungi bwansi


SHEEMA- Communities have been encouraged engage in doing “Burungi Bwansi” as they wait for the shrinking Uganda’s economy to recover.

During his ground monitoring policing, the Sheema South MP, Prof. Elijah Dickens Mushemeza observed that the country was first hit by the covid-19 pandemic followed by the rising fuel prices, causing the country’s economy to decline.

Hon Prof. Mushemeza joined locals in Rwarisho cell, Rugarama sub county in Sheema District to fix Rwarisho Foot Bridge which had become accident prone due having won out materials since it was built many years ago.

He said that even when the government has not responded to its people’s cry, locals must ensure that their daily activities don’t stop thus calling upon Local leaders to always mobilize available resources and materials to fix their areas like foot bridges, Roads and water sources.

Prof. Mushemeza contributed money and materials towards the completion of the bridge and delivered 18 plastic chairs to Rubaare cell LC I Council in the same area.

Cue in………Mushemeza on locals

Rugarama sub county Chairperson Hon. Owakubariho Denis appreciated  Legislator’s support and having gotten time to reach villages to clearly understand people’s needs.

Cue in………..Owakubariho on services

Ahimbisibwe Deus the chairperson LC I Rwarisho Cell and a one Yowab, the chairperson LC I Rubaare cell told our reporter that construction of the bridge will save many lives as it had earlier claimed the life of a resident.

Residents also requested for an extension of power connectivity, Water and Roads where the area MP promised to take their grievances on the flow of the parliament so that they can be tackled.