Kabale leaders urged to mobilise teenagers for COVID-19 vaccination


NEWS- Local leaders have been urged to mobilize parents in their communities to take their children for COVID-19 vaccination which is slated to start on Friday this week if they want to do away with the disease in the country.

This call was made by the deputy RDC Kabale district Bakaki Ronald who also doubles as the chairperson covid-19 task force in the district, during the task force meeting at the district headquarters in Makanga, Kabale municipality.

Bakaki stressed that Uganda is not yet at zero COVID-19 stressing that it’s still in the country and parents should take their children between the age of 12-17 years for vaccination.

He says that this vaccination doesn’t have any negative effects on human health but instead boosts body immunity to fight against the virus thus asking the parents to embrace the exercise.

The Deputy RDC added that there will be out reaches in every health center II and cautioned those spreading negative information about the vaccination exercise to stop in that anyone who will be caught in the act will face it hot.


The Kabale district Health Officer Dr. Gilbert Mateeka confirmed that the district has already received about 104,000 vaccine doses from the Ministry of health to boost the exercise that will start on 23rd to 30th September 2022.

Mateeka stressed that this vaccine is meant for adolescents stressing that a few of the children have been vaccinated and implored whoever that have already received their 2nd jab six months ago to go for the boost doze.

The DHO said that even though COVID-19 has reduced in the country, it’s better to turn upon for vaccination saying that when one is vaccinated they’re well protected against the disease.

He advised children between 12-17 years who are in schools to first get permission from their parents before going for vaccination to get rid of friction between them and parents.