Kasese residents resort to open defecation, authorities scared


NEWS- A challenge of poor human waste management has been reported in Katiri Cell of Bulembia Division of Kasese Municipality.

The residents say they have resorted to open defecation because they have not been able to get money to pay so that they are allowed to answer nature’s call from the public latrines in the area.

Some of the residents told our reporter who visited the area that they only depend on one latrine located near Katiri Market because their latrines were washed away by the running water from the hills.

Nyesi Muhindo, an 80-year-old resident says tendencies of people resorting to open defecation and poor waste management have cropped up due to lack of enough latrines in the area.

Juliet Biira, another resident, says in addition to poor waste management, they do not have safe and clean water, something that exposes their lives to health risks.

Kesi Kikenge, the area Local Council one Chairperson agrees with residents, arguing that a total of 416 households do not have improved latrines, clean and safe water for drinking.

Yusufu Baseke, the Kasese District health officer confirmed this adding that other affected areas in the district are those that were affected by floods including Kasika village in Rukoki sub county, Kyondo cell in Nyamwamba Division of Kasese Municipality and Kyanya cell in Ibanda- Kyanya town council in Busongora North Kasese District among others.