Prudential life insurance rallies Kigezi natives on target saving


KABALE- Ugandans have been challenged to create a future target for their families, to avoid miserable lives in future.

This was revealed by Ms. Dolly Fuambe the senior Supervisor Prudential life Insurance Company Ltd during a stakeholders engagement at City View Hotel in Kabale Municipality.

Ms. Dolly confirmed to our Reporter that many people tend to only plan for today rather than thinking of how their families would survive when they are no more.

“We have a lot of people suffering nowadays just because the late husbands and parents never thought of planning for them” said Dolly Fuambe.

The Prudential life Insurance Company Ltd Senior agent in Kigezi Sub Region Ms. Ainembazi Maureen  also told our reporter that people have now started understanding that life in their families has to continue even when they are no more.

She encouraged people to come and join prudential life Insurance Company Ltd which helps them to keep money for a period of time with a purpose of achieving something in future.

“I strongly challenge people to save with us (Prudential life Insurance Company Ltd) so that in future their savings can help them to hit their targets” said Ainembazi noted.

According to  Ainembazi, Prudential life Insurance Company helps people to get the most out of life, by making healthcare affordable and accessible as well as promoting financial inclusion. 

She also said that it protects people’s wealth, helps them grow their assets and empower them to save for their goals.

Prudential life Insurance Company Ltd is an Insurance Company which provides life and health insurance, asset management, with its focus on Asia and Africa.

The company currently works with over 19.3 million customers so far in these Continents.