RDC Nyakahuma intervenes in Residents’ grievances against UNRA Kabale


NEWS– The Kabale district Resident District Commissioner Godfrey Nyakahuma has intervened in a case where Kabale residents are bitter with UNRA, Kabale Municipal Authorities over the drainage channel along Kabale- Katuna Road.

RDC’s intervention comes at a time when residents of Igabiro cell, Mwanjari ward southern Division Kabale in Municipality have raised a lot of grievances on the situation they always go through whenever it rains.

Speaking to our reporter at southern division headquarters, the village Chairperson Igabiro cell Athenazious Mugasi and his Mwanjari Ward counterpart Rurekyera Andrew noted that they addressed their grievances to UNRA who seemed compliant but they were shocked upon hearing their mayor on a phone call telling their Manager not to address the aggrieved residents.

The chairpersons add that UNRA never compensated anybody in their villages and those that the Authority claims to have compensated are from other cells.

They accused the Kabale Municipality Mayor Sentaro Byamugisha for politicizing the situation saying that even though they opposed him in the last election, he should know that they are also Ugandans and need equal services.


The chairperson of Southern Division in Kabale Municipality Macklean Batware and the deputy mayor Kedress Mutabazi said that an immediate intervention must be taken before they start registering some death in her area.


Sunday Eric the Kabale Municipal town clerk, Ahimbisibwe Vicent the Kabale Municipal Roads Inspector and Alex Beingana the southern Division town clerk stress that it’s so unfortunate that people along Kabale- Katuna road constructed their current residencies in the old water channel.


The engineers from UNRA led by Atuhire Shamim and Komuhangi Brendah said that they are going to write a report to their executive director and on Monday 27th, they will inform the RDC about the progress of the matter.

RDC Nyakahuma said that they have resolved to block the pipe channeling the drainage to Kalambuzi complex and the residents behind.

The RDC added that it’s a rainy season and they need to have an immediate course of action before they start registering death.


He further said that a temporary solution has to be created as they are looking for a long term solution.