Artistes advised to compose songs preaching peace & conflict resolution


NEWS- Local artistes in the Rwenzori region have been asked to compose songs whose lyrics are aimed at promoting peace and conflict resolution.

The remarks were sounded by the Kasese Municipality Mayor, Chance Kahindo during the International Peace Week Day celebration that was held at Boma Grounds in Kasese town.

Kahindo explained that through their music, local artistes can influence a relatively big crowd, appealing to them to use such God given talents to promote peace but not inciting the public into violence.

The former Kasese District Woman MP, Hon. Winfred Kiiza Nyabahasa observed the need for transitional justice as the only way to resolve issues.

Mubingwa, the Kasese Deputy RDC in-charge of Busongora County, revealed that the Rwenzori Question has been out of a number of issues including the alleged lack of sincerity, selfishness, poverty, lack of patriotism, lack of tolerance and lack of enhanced education among others. 

Mubingwa, who quoted a variety of Biblical Books that talk about peace, noted that whoever does not wish the Rwenzori Region peace should be regarded as an agent of the devil.

Meanwhile, the Kasese District Chairperson appealed to the people in his elective area to use all forms of media to promote peace rather than using them to excite violence among the different communities.

Eliphaz Muhindi Bukombi sounded the appeal while officiating at an International Peace Day Celebrations that were held at the Mayor’s Garden in Kasese town.

The celebrations were organized by the Creations Forum Afrika under the theme, “Building Bridges across Cultures.

Muhindi explained that the public’s misuse of the media has contributed much to conflicts across the Rwenzori region, hence discouraging the people from using it negatively but rather using it to promote and advocate for peace, unity and co-existence.

Mubingwa, the Kasese Deputy RDC in-charge of Busongora County urged the leaders to create a discussion platform through which they would deliberate on issues related to development, peace building and conflict resolution.