Kabale Municipality landlords ordered to register tenants to curb crime


NEWS- Leaders and community members have been urged to work together to end the ever increasing insecurity cases in the areas.

The call was made by the Kabale District Deputy Resident Commissioner Bakaki Ronald while addressing journalists on the increased insecurity in the area at the district headquarters in Makanga.

Bakaki stressed that they have received many insecurity related cases especially in Kabale municipality and in the neighboring areas such as people being killed and theft.

DRDC Bakaki adds that he has directed all landlords to register their tenants with the area village chairpersons before the end of this month or else they face it hard.

Bakak who also heads security in the district adds that village chairpersons should take the responsibility reminding the Landlords to register their tenants before the deadline. He called upon village chairpersons to comply with this directive for the betterment of their communities. 


DRDC Bakaki called upon landlords to only rent to people with all credentials detailing their origin in a bid to do away with wrong elements.

He thanked the Kabale district security team led by the DPC for their tireless work well done in fighting the Bijambiya [Bipanga] people in the area and urged communities to be more vigilant.