“A Lazy person discredits God’s workmanship”- Bishop Zoreka


NEWS– The Diocese of Kinkizi Head of Laity, Canon Ben Kuriigamba, has implored christians to work hard and improve their wellbeing instead of wasting it gossiping, seated at bars taking alcohol.

Canon Kuriigamba, made these remarks today afternoon while speaking as main preacher at the confirmation service at St. Andrew’s Kancereere COU in Kihembe, Kanyantorogo Sub County in Kanungu District.

The sermon of the day was drawn from the theme, “Work hard to earn a living, which is derived from 2 Thessalonians 3:35.

Canon Kuriigamba asked the christians of Kancereere Parish to stop partnering with members of the community who are known to be lazy, spending thier entire time sitting on the bar, taking alcohol while gossiping.

The confirmation service was presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkizi, the Rt Rev Dan Zoreka who in his words of encouragement compelled the christians to use their two hands, to hold their hoes to cultivate the fertile lands to get food to sustain their families.

The Church of Uganda Provincial Communications Officer Sadiiki Adams Mugume (in suit) attended the event.

Bishop Zoreka noted that Kihembe – Kancereere community is known as high yielding good harvest for palm oil trees (Amawesa) and therefore the people can engage in growing palm oil trees since it is profitable.

During the service, 53 young christians were confirmed in the Christian Faith and these comprised 33 females and 20 males all hailing from Kancereere and and Karambi Sub Parishes also during the same service, 4 children from the Greater family of the late Francis Munuubi were baptized.

Earlier in the day before the start of this confirmation function, Bishop Zoreka presided over the official opening of the new residential house where the Parish priest will be staying.

Meanwhile, the Parish Priest Rev Daniel Buregyeya informed the Bishop that Kancereere Parish has planted 4 acres of coffee on church land as an income generating project.

Kancereere COU is known to be a model Parish in the Diocese given the tremendous achievements they have registered in the recent past years.

Bishop Zoreka with a hoe to demonstrate how christians can work hard for their wellbeing.

Rev Buregyeya thanked the Christians for the cooperation and love they have shown him ever since he became their priest and further appreciated Bishop Zoreka for the great leadership which enabled him as the Parish Priest of Kancereere COU to thrive.

The great event was attended by the Church of Uganda Provincial Communications Officer Sadiiki Adams Mugume who is born in Kancereere Parish and he congratulated Bishop Zoreka upon being elected on the Provincial Assembly Standing Committee which is the top organ of the Province that acts as the parliament of the Church of Uganda.