Sheema Private School owners cry to gov’t for help amidst skyrocketing commodity prices


NEWS- Christians have been asked to reflect on the purpose to why God created them and serve him diligently on top of working hard for a better future.

This was revealed by the Archdeacon Kitagata Archdeaconry Rev Canon Godfrey Bejuura at the fundraising ceremony at St. Mark SS in Kagango Division, Sheema Municipality towards the refabrication of the School library to fit the newly introduced curriculum.

Rev Canon Bejuura said that Christians have continued to follow earthly things diverting away from Godly ways thus encouraging them to avoid rushing for quick and cheap things but rather work harder to achieve their desires.

Mutungye Steven, the chairperson of Private Schools’ directors in Sheema said that their institutions have suffered a lot in this era where commodity prices are skyrocketing, thus requesting the government to consider extending support towards uplifting them.

Kalisa Immaculate the St. Mark SS head teacher observed that the new curriculum asks for so many practical materials and books hence calling for joint efforts between parents, students and teachers to ensure good results.

Students also appreciated the support rendered to the school by the well-wishers, something that instills hope in them of a bright future.

Over Ugx 8M was solicited towards the improvement of the school library to a modern one.