Joel Sebunjo, Habib Koite & Aly Keita promise Pan- African sound performance this Friday


KAMPALA–  Music is one of the arts disciplines  that cuts across all cultures and brings people together to celebrate with each other regardless of their origins.

This time around, it is the Uganda -West Africa fusion  with  anticipated performances from great artists from  Cote d’Ivoire and Mali this Friday, September 30, at the National Theatre.

The trio concert dubbed   “Ganda Mandingo Syndicate ” is one of the ways of bridging nations musically  organised by Alliance Francaise de Kampala together with its partners.

Speaking at the presser, Gilles Patrick, director Alliance Francais Kampala said that all of them  together are amazing artists and for those that want  music that will touch their souls should come through this Friday.

“This concert is a way of bridging cultures and this is one of our activities we do as AFK  besides the very many things that we do in Uganda and it is  going to be the  biggest concert of the year among the three we have  hosted at the national theatre” he added.

In delight, Joel Sebunjo noted that it was a  pleasure to welcome Aly Keita  who is not a  stranger to him because  he was more of a brother and they have worked together before.

“Those who know me,  I have dealt with various major  West African musicians. These are platinum artists all-over the world and perform more in the diaspora than where they come from which shows how big they are. This concert will be a fusion and will have a pan african sound with Mali and Ivory Coast and  just eager to deliver the best”. said Sebunjo.

In a low tune , Aly  Keita explained that he learnt  how to play a balafon from his father while young at their home though he has made some changes  to it.

Keita assured the guests that they have a very different approach in West Africa and that they are here to have a formidable cocktail  like no other in company of multi- talented musician Habib Koite who is a big brand all over the globe.

He also pointed out that they have had several shows with Joel Sebunjo in over 5 countries such as; Ethiopia, Rwanda, Dr. Congo and others on the continent  and are looking forward to more.

The Balafon artist had the pleasure to explain practically  the difference in sound in regards to the instrument and the Xylophone  locally known as ” Madinda”  which is used in Buganda and Busoga regions though they look – alike which created  the real feeling.

The  show will go for Ugx.75, 000 regular,  Ugx.50,000 early bird and Ugx.120,000 VIP.