Rukungiri District authorities hand over more licenses to Rwenshama landing site fishermen


NEWS– Rukungiri district officials on Tuesday handed over fishing licenses from the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and fisheries to 40 people who were recently given fishing vessel numbers at Rwenshama landing site on Lake Edward in Bwambara sub county, Rukungiri district.

The Rukungiri District Deputy Resident District Commissioner Wilberforce Ahimbisibwe Ogom while handing over these licenses asked the beneficiaries to obey rules and regulations of fishing in Uganda adding that whoever bleaches them, their licenses will be terminated in addition to being panelized by the courts of law.

Ongom added that the district officers already know people who use illegal fishing methods and if they don’t stop the habit, tough actions will be taken against them.


The Rukungiri District Chief Administrative Officer Hajji Maskoyi Waswa Swalik revealed that only one hundred boats are currently licensed to operate at the landing site since they’re the only licensed fishing vessels cautioning that whoever will be caught operating illegally will be panelized.

He asked them to maintain good health at the landing site because unhealthy lives are greatly affecting people doing their activities at the landing site like low coverage of latrines in the area.


Chris Kaganyano, the Bwambara sub county chairperson thanked the fisheries department under the Ministry of Agriculture together with district officials who helped them to get licenses that will help their members do their activities legally.


Dan Mugyeyi the Rukungiri District fisheries officer said that they had spent three years looking for these fishing licenses in vain, asking the fishermen to use them in the right way.

Mugyenyi advised them to form a cooperative as fishermen which will help them to save their money that will help some of them to acquire affordable loans to purchase fishing Equipment like nets and boats.

 Mugyeyi told them that these fishing licenses will be renewed annually to iron out undisciplined people who go to the lake with forged licenses.

Some of the fishermen appreciated the good work that was done by the district official and Ministry of fisheries in giving them licenses which will end misunderstandings at the landing site between the Rweshama fishing community, Banyabutumbi Community and the Rweshama fishing company.


The function was also attended by the Rukungiri district chairperson Geoffrey Kyomukama, Bwambara sub county officials among others.