Hoima Sugar works concedes to NEMA’s directive to restore degraded BKK land


NEWS- The Management of Hoima Sugar, the sugar firm operating in Kukuube district has welcomed the directives issued by NEMA to restore the degraded part of 22 square Milles issued to the sugar firm by Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom(BKK) to grow sugarcane.

In 2016 BKK leased 22 square miles of the land known as Kyangwali Ancestral land to Hoima Sugar for 99 years.   

This land BKK got it back after the central government returned to the Kingdom its properties after the restoration of the cultural institutions in Uganda.

After Hoima Sugar secured the land from BKK, NEMA okayed the firm to use 9.24 square miles which NEMA considered grassland.  The sugar firm started planting sugar cane and part of it is ready for harvesting.

In a statement, Hoima Sugar agreed to restore the degraded area as directed by NEMA.

This was after NEMA officials visited the area and found part of the area particularly the green zone and the cultural site degraded.

NEMA also canceled a certificate it had issued to Hoima sugar to develop the urban centre.  

The sugar firm had planned to develop the Urban centre found at Nsozi Village by constructing a school and a health centre for the community as part of their Corporate Social responsibility.

Meanwhile the Kikuube district leadership has also welcomed the move by NEMA for the restoration of the degraded area.

Speaking to our reporter, the Kikuube RDC Mr. Amlan Tumusiime said that the Kikuube district security committee are willing to work with both NEMA and Hoima Sugar to see to it that the NEMA directive is implemented.

Mr. Tumusiime who also heads the district security committee revealed that last year Hoima Sugar petitioned his office complaining about encroachers to their land, and that the encroachers had entered the area in very big numbers and had destroyed the environment through charcoal burning, claiming that they were given the same piece of land by the king of Bunyoro Solomon Gafabusha

In the petition Hoima Sugar reported to the office of the RDC to intervene and save the situation.

“Where as we are trying to work in our area as guided by NEMA, encroachers in Big. numbers have invaded the area and we seek for your quick intervention” a letter dated 22nd September 2021 addressed to the RDC reads in part.

Mr. Tumusiime said following the Hoima Sugar petition, the district security committee together with the Regional security committee Albertine and in consultation with the Ministry of Lands evicted over 20,000 people from the land.

The RDC further explained that after the eviction some of the encroachers who included a group of veterans calling themselves TURIPONA Veterans Association took the RDC Kikuube the King of Bunyoro Solomon Gafabusa.

The attorney general and the Regional Police Commander Albertine Vicenti Mwesigye to Masindi High court accusing them of having evicted them from their land.

The case is ongoing in Masindi High court.

“Truth be told, the biggest problem in this land was caused by encroachers who were ferried from different parts of the country to burn charcoal. I also brought the minister of state for lands Mr. Sam Mayanja to also see the danger caused by encroaches” said by Mr. Tumusiime.

The RDC said as the district security committee they will monitor and supervise Hoima sugar to ensure that the NEMA directive is implemented and also ensure that enchrochers are cleared from the land.