Rubanda’s Ikumba Sub County Chief in hot soup for failing area’s Development


NEWS– Ikumba Sub county councilors in Rubanda District are accusing the Sub county chief Mrs. Ashemeza Diana and her Cashier Tumwesigye Elly for not being transparent in running the Sub county projects.

Speaking to our reporter Friday during the council session at the sub county headquarters, the aggrieved councilors showed concern that the Sub county chief Mrs. Ashemeza is conniving with the cashier Tumwesigye to collect rent from the sub county houses that is unaccounted for.

The councilors also pinned the duo for having swindled all the money from the 20 mattresses they (chief and Cashier) hired the church people for one week at Ugx 1000 per day.

They added that the Ugx 1000 per mattress per day was not fit compared to the quality of the mattresses they were renting out 

According to them, the mattress could have been hired at minimum price of Ugx 5,000 each and that the two are trying to reduce the rent out price to confuse the councilors.

They said that it’s so unfortunate that they failed to get Lunch during council sessions out of their buildings being rented without their Knowledge and the amount of Rent unaccounted for.

The Ikumba sub county chairperson Hon Bazirake Wence said that he has on several times asked for a Bank statement from the two but all in vain.

Wence said that he was shocked when the duo said that he was not entitled to see and have a look the bank statement.

He added that they were supposed to be giving him a financial statement every quarter but none he has ever come across.

Arinaitwe Emmanuel Kabira the speaker of Ikumba sub county  said that he  created and added the sub county chief on Ikumba sub county WhatsApp group to ease on communications about the steps in development of the sub county chief  but he was shocked to see Diana Existing the group immediately after the add.

Arinaitwe added that people renting the sub county houses had earlier told him that they are paying rent yet the councilors are struggling to have something to eat during council sessions.

The speaker further pinned the sub county chief for using English in the council yet most of the councilors are unable to intake such communication something that wastes their time in interpreting.

He called upon the Rubanda district CAO, chairman and the Hon Min Henry Musasizi to intervene before the situation goes out of hand. 

In Her Defense, Mrs. Diana Ashemeza the Ikumba Sub County Chief said that the contractors and the tenderers for the sub county projects defaulted the money.

Ashemeza said that she had already secured a mandate to arrest all the defaulters though she declined to give account of the real amount of money in default.

She further said that those renting the sub county houses are to renovate them using their own money and after they will present to them the expenditure they would have used before they allow them to start paying rent.

She pledged to present the bank statement by Wednesday Next week and this was after the councilors demanded to know the amount of money they have on the sub county account.

She also said that the 20 Mattresses she hired out to church people at Ugx 1000 per day for one week were in a very poor state and that she had even got mercy on the people of God who had nowhere to sleep.