Disgruntled Rubanda locals to impeach area Chairman over food fights with Family


NEWS– Locals of Ntaranga cell in Nyaruhanga Parish, Ikumba Sub county Rubanda District have raised a red flag and demanded for the impeachment of their chairperson Naris Ahimbisibwe over his Misconduct in the area.

Their grievances come after a scenario that took place on 25th September evening at around 8pm when he picked up a hammer and clobbered his wife Ainembabazi Stella commonly known as Kabeti in the head before spilling the beans sauce she was preparing for the family.

Speaking in a village meeting at Ikumba Sub County headquarters, angry residents accused the chairperson Ahimbisibwe for having daily endless fights with his family stressing that two days before, the chairman bite off the same wife’s ear accusing her of serving him a small piece of meat which he had not bought.

Atuhaire Earnest, a brother to Stella, told the meeting that his brother-in-law came home on a Sunday and Started kicking her sister for unknown reasons before she was admitted to Rubanda Health Center II in Kiizi parish.

Atuhaire added that her sister has been sleeping in the bush whenever the chairman would come drunk stressing that as a family, they have carried out a number of meetings over the same issues but the man looks not to understand.

He further said that their parents and the locals decided to go back to their home in Muko Sub County until further notice before the rude chairman kills their sister calling upon the Police to intervene and arrest the ruthless chairperson.

Ainembabazi told the meeting that she has been experiencing the daily fights with this husband for the last 17 years they have been in marriage adding that they have had many village meetings to have the solution for the fights but all have been in vain.

Ainembabazi attributed the endless fights to alcoholism saying that her Husband is a serial drunkard at the village who spends all the day in bars and after getting drunk goes home kicking everything and fighting everyone he comes across.

She added that the husband has always been locking the food in his bedroom forcing their children to sleep on an empty stomach. Fearing for her life, Ainembabazi vowed to divorce the husband before she is killed since the husband uses a machete whenever he is fighting.

The speaker of Ikumba Sub county Hon Emmanuel Arinaitwe Kabira said that it’s not the first time Naris is fighting his wife with a hammer adding that he earlier bit off her Ear.

Arinaitwe added that the chairman has on several occasions been fighting with his family over food whenever he gets drunk and this is not the first time holding a village meeting over the same chairman.

The Speaker confided to the press that they have given him a last warning before they impeach him and vowed to bring the matter before the Sub County council to negotiate a way forward for this rude chairman.

He further said that it’s so unfortunate a chairman who would be guiding people and acting like an example to other men in the area, is the one fighting for food, hammering his wife and participating in daily family violence calling upon sensitization of men in his area to forego similar problems in future.

Our reporter tried to get a comment from the accused Chairman but all was in vain.