Hailstorm devastates business in Kisoro Municipality


KISORO – Business was Left at standstill in Kamonyi ward, Northern Division in Kisoro Municipality, Kisoro district due to heavy downpour.

The heavy downpour characterised with flooding water and winds disrupted transport after water cutoff the road and entered peoples’ homes forcing them to close their businesses running for rescue.

The downpour started at around 3pm and lasted for about 3 hours on Sunday 2nd September cutting off Mutolere road due to a blockage of a water passage at Mukishekye – Voice of Muhabura Junction.

Residents told our reporter that the water passage has been blocked for more than one month and nothing has been done yet the authorities were already informed about the matter.

Our reporter contacted Micheal Bizamanza, Chairman LC3 Northern Division who said that they are fully aware of the issue and that they will sort it within the shortest period of time.