Ndorwa West Parliamentary hopeful Mporera donates Ugx 3.5M Piglets to Students on his Birthday


NEWS- Renowned City Lawyer and Chief Executive Officer of Phleb Associated Advocates, Naturinda Eliab Mporera who recently declared ambitions to contest for the Ndorwa West Parliamentary seat has donated piglets to Medical students from his constituency in celebration of his Birthday.

Mporera, who turned 35 over the weekend, gave out 28 piglets valued at Ug. 3.4M to Ndorwa West Medical Students Association in fulfilment of the pledge he made when the group chose him as their Patron about four months ago.

Ndorwa West Medical Students Association brings together medical students from all the six sub counties and two town councils that make up the Constituency in Kabale District.

While launching the Association in May 2022, the students presented a piggery project proposal to the Chief guest Mporera who in turn offered to buy a piglet for each member of the association as start-up capital.

The piggery project was launched over the weekend and Mporera asked the beneficiaries to cooperate in handling the project with utmost commitment and responsibility.

He said that his motive was to encourage students to get involved in income generating activities alongside their academic career as one way of promoting economic emancipation in his home area.

The Ndorwa West Medical Students Chairperson, Twesigomwe Trust who is also the Rubaya sub county Youth Chairperson and Deborah Namara a student of midwifery at Kabale School of Comprehensive Nursing, said that they formed the association to ensure that they keep in touch even after completing their courses.

Meanwhile, the students surprised Mporera with a cake with the inscription “Happy Birthday Patron”, at a party they had organized at Sunland Hotel in Kabale Town.