Madagascar officials undertake E-voucher benchmark in Tororo District


NEWS– Tororo district local government on Thursday hosted officials from  Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries together with a team from Madagascar that is undertaking a study on the implementation of the E-voucher, matching grants, and Rehabilitation of rural access roads under the Agriculture Cluster Development Project.

The team was on a benchmarking exercise in Tororo to borrow lessons and experiences and thus identify actions from ACDP to innovate in terms of subsidies and investments towards increasing and diversifying food production in the Republic of Madagascar.

The team made field visits to farmer groups in Kisoko sub-county at Gwaragwara Magoro village farmers group and Langa family farm in the Ojilai sub-county.

The Tororo District chairperson John Okea welcomed the team to Tororo and thanked the ministry for choosing Tororo district for it did indicate that the District has  been  exemplary in performance.

Okea applauded the team from Madagascar for their zeal and determination to learn from Tororo district which exhibits the trust  the government has in farmers within the locality and urged them to cascade experiences learned in their country with our farmers as well.

He reteriated the need for benchmarking study tours for our Ugandan farmers concerning the project they will be implementing back home in Madagascar.

The district boss further informed the guests about  the social-economic transformation program called the Parish development model which is aimed at increasing agricultural productivity translating into the transformation of households from subsistence to a money economy.