Rwahi-Rwentobo town council bans sand mining in Kyobwe ward


NTUNGAMO- Sand mining has been prohibited from the areas of Kanyonga cell in Kyobwe ward, Rwentobo-Rwahi town council in Ntungamo district.

This was reached during a consultative meeting between the local leaders and the community on 17th Nov 2022 at Nyabugando playground.

During the meeting, it was discovered that people are using the rainy season to fetch sand from streams and Road reserves leaving the area with a lot of deep holes, something that may land people’s lives in danger.

It was also said that roads heading to sand mining centers within the village have also caved in due to heavy trucks (Sino Trucks) that transport the mineral.

Speaking to our reporter, Councilor Rwentobo Rwahi Town council Local Council IV Councilor Hon Johnson Timbigamba observed that even the school going children have abandoned their studies to engage in sand mining along the Roads something he strongly condemned.

Cue in………..Timbigamba on sand

The male Youth Councilor Rwentobo Rwahi Town Council Hon Niwagaba Shaban said that they had severely received complaints from Nyabugando primary school and the youth who use Nyabugando pray ground for physical games that their pitch was invaded by heavy trucks leaving it in a sorry state.

Hon Shaban who doubles as the deputy speaker of the Rwentobo-Rwahi Town Council disclosed to our reporter that he had received reports that the youth in the area had a plan to start attacking these trucks which prompted him to mobilize his fellow leaders to come for quick intervention.

Cue in ….. Hon Niwagaba Shaban. RR

The Head Teacher Nyabugando Primary School Teddy Kyabasasaki said that as a school, they have tried all means to stop trucks from trespassing through their play ground like electing a strong fence which the intruders continuously destroy.

Kyabasaski adds that fetching sand from Rivers banks has also contributed much in dismantling footbridges established in the area to help the school going children to easily access schools thus putting their lives at stake.

Cue in………..Kyabasasaki on sand

The meeting was also attended by the Parish chief Kyobwe ward Nyangoma Rabbeca, the Chairperson LC I Kanyonga cell Kyarikunda Christopher,  Deputy Mayor Rwentobo Rwahi Hon Denis Turyahebwa, Woman Youth councillor Rwentobo-Rwahi Asiimwe Zabibu among others.