MP Ndamira Donates Piglets to Constituents to boost Household Income


NEWS- The Kabale District woman MP Hon Atwakiire Catherine Ndamira has donated piglets to 3 villages in Kabale Municipality to improve their household incomes.

The beneficiaries were chosen from the villages of Kigongi A, B and Nyakahita all in Kigongi Ward, central Division in Kabale Municipality and each village received two piglets.

Speaking to our reporter at Kigongi A cell, some of the beneficiaries of this project applauded the legislature upon her tremendous effort to improve the household incomes of her constituents.

Tumuramye William and Kyomukama Edith said that the donated piglets are going to provide him with manure and act as a source of school fees to their children especially in this economic crisis where some of them are unable to get money for medical bills.

Tumuramye further said that he has never seen a hard working MP like Ndamira who is always on ground donating hens, Pigs and goats among the electorate to help them do away with poverty in their homes.

Cue in………..Beneficiaries on pigs

The Kigongi ward councilor at central Division Musinguzi William warned beneficiaries against selling the Piglets stressing that he had read news about the progress of the piggery project in other sub counties and that kigongi shouldn’t fail on this God given opportunity.

He called for more support from the legislator and other leaders narrating that the current economic crisis has greatly hit Kigongi ward.

Cue in…William on pigs

Alex Akampurira who represented Hon Atwakiire Catherine Ndamira said that Kigongi and Kijuguta wards were the only ones remaining in Kabale Municipality to receive similar donation adding that the pigs are from the office of the legislator aimed at improving on household incomes and honouring the pledges she made during last election campaigns.

Akampurira further warned the beneficiaries against being so greedy while rearing the piglets stressing that few of the beneficiaries have sold the pigs.

Cue in….Alex on Beneficiaries