Jajja’s return to Presidency in 2026 isn’t Negotiable


NEWS- The Presidential Advisor on Greater Masala region Affairs Ms Justine Namere has revealed that the return of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa in 2026 is not negotiable stressing that he’s still strong to lead the nation beyond 2030.

Namere made this revelation on Tuesday afternoon upon her courtesy call to ONC.

She said that securing the future and delivering Ugandans to the money economy is so much a greater task that requires accumulated experiences to the measure of President Museveni’s experiences of leadership.

Namere further said that the impressive peace and security Ugandans enjoy today, have greatly awaken them to productively participate in wealth creation which couldn’t be possible under instability.

She congratulated Ms Hadijah Uzeiye for earning Jajja’s trust to manage his office attributing her appointment as the SPA/PA-ONC/NATIONAL COORDINATOR, BAZZUKULU to consistency and unique approaches in handling dynamic political cataracts.

The Senior Presidential advisor on Greater Masaka concluded that she has no doubt that Jajja Museveni will win with a landslide victory in the forthcoming 2026 elections and beyond.