Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality Authorities to poison area stray dogs


BUSHENYI– Stray dogs are terrorising lives of human beings and animals in Ishaka Division, Bushenyi district.

The most affected areas are Ryanshana I and II, all in Kashenyi ward, Ishaka Division in Bushenyi- Ishaka Municipality in Bushenyi district.

According to information obtained by this publication, more than 20 animal including sheep and goats have been killed by these stray in Ryansana I.

One of the residents identified as Kennedy Rutaterahansi who lost his 5 goats to these dogs said they want Municipality authorities to poison the these dogs or look for any other way of helping them out.

This was not the first incident, Last week stray dogs killed  9 animals including 5 sheep and 4 goats of one Musa Timbirimu of the same area.

Our reporter talked to Charles Beinomugisha, the Chairman LCI Ryansana who said this issue has already been reported in his office and they are looking forward to looking for a better solution to help the residents. 

Beinomugisha advised those who own dogs to keep them at home or else they might also be mistakenly killed as stray dogs.