Rubanda district lays next Financial Year’s budget estimates


NEWS- Rubanda District this week presented a preliminary resource envelope of Ugx 34.4 billion for the financial year 2023/2024, which is less than Ugx 45 billion that was passed in this financial year 2022/2023.

Addressing the district budget conference at Volcano hotel in Rubanda town council, the Rubanda District Planner Wilberforce Korugyendo said that Ugx 20 billion is anticipated to be raised from wages, Ugx 3.3 billion from development fund, Ugx 4.4 billion from non wage conditional and unconditional grants, Ugx 4.2 billion from other government transfers, while Ugx 1.3 billion from donor funding while Ugx 645 million is anticipated to be sourced from locally raised revenue.

He added that the next financial year’s budget will be implemented under the theme “promoting of commercial, agriculture, industrial market access for inclusive growth, employment and wealth creation. 

Korugyendo said that they will expect some small changes by the time they reach at laying the budget and approving through sectoral committees.

The Rubanda District LC5 Chairperson Steven Ampeire Kasyaba said that this year’s resource envelope is generally constrained across the country but he will continue lobbying to get supplementary funding to ensure that the budget can increase so as they can be able to implement the project which they have already identified to work on.