Boda Boda cyclists hack 75 year old woman to death in Rwampara


RWAMPARA– The Police in Rwampara are investigating the cases of murder, arson and malicious damage of property belonging to Kasiime Jadress.

According to ASP Samson Kasasira the Rwizi region Police Spokesperson, Kasiime is a 75 year old peasant resident of Kashuro village, Bujaga Parish in Buteraniro Nyeihanga Town Council, Rwampara District.

The deceased was attacked by a group of boda boda riders last night killed her, burnt the body, set her house ablaze and the banana plantation cut down.

The act of mob action was a retaliation to the attempted murder by cutting of Mpairwe David a businessman and resident of Kashuro cell in Ndeija Parish Ndeija subcounty.

It is now suspected that the son of the deceased, only identified as Mutatina and others suspects still at large waylaid Mpairwe David on his way back home from Nyamukana Trading Centre armed with pangas cut him on the head but was rescued by his workers after making an alarm that forced the assailants to take off and he’s now hospitalised at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital but in critical condition. 

Kasasira has condemned acts of mob action stressing that they are inhumane and unlawful urging all members of the public to always turn to legal processes to have their grievances addressed.