Jajja Museveni remains the Promise keeper of all times


NEWS– Welunga Yusuf, President UNSA has re-echoed late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah; referring to Jajja Museveni as the promise keeper. 

Welunga made the statement at the receipt of Ugx 170M from ONC through the SPA/ PA-ONC/NATIONAL COORDINATOR, BAZZUKULU; Ms Hadijah Uzeiye N.

Welunga Yusuf expressed gratitude to Jajja Museveni for being such a promise keeper of all times. He cited that Jajja made a phone call to him last week & pledged the money to facilitate the E.A students’ conference in feeding, accommodation, purchase of stationery & facilitating the participants.

The E.A students’ conference is scheduled to take place on *29th November,2022 at Hotel Africana.

Welunga concluded by committing to stand with President Museveni ahead of the 2026 election & beyond b’se it’s such a rare opportunity to be lead by leader of distinguished attributes.

Since the first visit of UNSA to ONC on 2nd October,2022, Ms Hadijah Uzeiye N kept emphasing to the UNSA students not to be diverted b’se Jajja doesn’t forget his Bazzukulu. 

Ms Hadijah urged the UNSA leadership to evangelize to fellow Bazzukulu the urgency to rally Ugandans to endorse Jajja’s return to Presidency in 2026 & beyond b’se as a Country, there are still a number of things that require Jajja to accomplish to suppliment the tranquility, agricultural , roads,regional markets & electricity connected to all regions of Uganda.

Ms Hadijah also thanked the Statehouse comptroller, Mrs Jane Barikye for being a honest messanger for  delivering the money today afternoon at office of the National Chairman NRM, Kyambogo.