Bunanagana town council leaders, health workers biker over teenage pregnancies


KISORO- Local leaders in Bunagana town council, Kisoro district have shown worry over the booming sex trade in the area which is partially attributed to the influx of refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo.

This according to leaders, the business has left many young girls pregnant. This was disclosed in a sensitization meeting between the Government and Accountability Inter-District Network (GAIN) together with local leaders from Bunagana town council.

The deputy speaker Bunagana town council Charity Mbabazi noted that when Refugees started flocking Uganda, the area was overwhelmed by big numbers of people resulting into many school dropouts.

Mbabazi observed that some schools were closed to receive Refugees forcing school going children mostly girls into sex work to earn a living forcing many girls to become pregnant.  

Together with other local leaders, Mbabazi requested GAIN Uganda to come to their rescue by forging ways of helping young girls who got pregnant report back to school or helped to care of the pregnancies and their new born babies.

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The district Councilor Bunagana town council Hon. Innocent Kwizera observed that their people have shared the little harvested food with Congolese who were stranded on Verandas, something he says has ignited hunger in the town council.

The chairperson Kisoro elders Sacco Didas Mbonigaba urged everyone to help refugee as relatives since every living person can at one time be a refugee in his or outside his country. 

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During the meeting, health workers at Bunagana health center dismissed allegations stressing that they have not encountered any pregnancy case of a girl below 18 years. 

The Treasurer Government and Accountability Inter-District Network (GAIN) Okuru Saimon called upon local leaders and residents of Bunagana not to live with Congolese but rather send them to refugee holding centers as most challenges incurred originate from households that accepted to live with refugees. 

Okuru promised to report all the challenges raised by local leaders to relevant ministries and offices so that something can be done. 

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