Rwentobo Muslim County-Twale successfully elect new office bearers

A cross section of Ugandan Muslims

NTUNGAMO- The presiding officer of Rwentobo Muslim County-Twale electoral college in Ntungamo district Niwagaba Shaban has appreciated Muslims for holding a successful election of the new Muslim office bearers.

Niwagaba announced this as he announced elected leaders from this week’s election at the Muslim County-Twale headquarters Rwentobo mosque in Rwentobo town.

Nuwaha Asuman from Rwahi mosque was elected the chairperson Rwentobo Muslim County-Twale after he sailed through unopposed deputized by Mwesigwa Haruna from Rwentobo mosque.

Ninfayo Muhammad from Rwentobo Mosque was also announced the County Secretary after winning with 28 votes against her closest competitor Kanyeheyo Hashim who polled 15 votes.

Halima Asiimire from Rwahi Mosque was elected the County treasurer, while Tigeita Agiri from Rwentobo Mosque was elected Muslim County chairperson for women, Twongyeirwe Jawadu from Rwentobo Mosque a councilor for Youths, Hajji Hakim Muheki Rwomushana from Kabasheshe Mosque elected councilor for men, Ashabahebwa Aisha Muheki from Kabasheshe Mosque was elected the councilor for women.

Those who went into an election and couldn’t win, reached a consensus and were posted as follows; Zaitun Yakare as secretary for women, Hashim Kanyeheyo secretary for education, Faridah Nalubega deputy Chairperson for women.

The county Sheikh Amiri Dauda and his deputy Shekh Twaha Karyango were added to the list of three councilors to make up five people who will represent the county at the district Level.

Rwentobo Twaale County mosque covers areas of Kayonza, Ngooma Sub counties and Rwentobo Rwahi town council.

Out of the 19 elected members, five of them will on Friday 26th Nov 2022 join the rest from over 8 Muslim County-Twalesat the district level to elect their representatives to the national level.

According to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC Independent Electoral Commission, the electoral colleges at various levels, including counties, districts, and regions, have been in establishment from November 22 and slated to end on Friday November 26 this week.