Am not going anywhere, Dauglas Lwanga

Am not going anywhere, Dauglas Lwanga
Dauglas Lwanga

Celebrated TV star and prominent after 5 TV show host at NBS Douglas Lwanga has finally rubbished the rumors that have been circulating on social media that he’s quitting the Kamwokya based TV station.

While appearing on today’s after 5 show, Lwanga who seemed pissed lashed out at Ugandan journalists for being shallow minded especially sailing to establish the authenticity of their stories before publishing.

Lwanga made it clear that he’s still an employee of NBS under contract and has no plans of quitting the station as alleged by the media.

The news Lwanga termed a rumor ravaged the media industry at the time when NBS is struggling with some of its superior employees quitting the station for other greener pastures.

It all started with journalists joining the kamwokya based TV for greener pastures but in the end are quitting fast with rumors having it that payments are less of peanuts.

According to reliable sources, most of the show hosts have quit. Among them Sabiti Joseph, Raymond Mujuni and Shawn Kimuli.

However, he has calmed the storm and deamed all this a rumor