AUDIO: Bobi Wine rallies Ugandans to vote him in new hit “Tulonde”


NEWS– As the clock continues counting down to the 14th day of January 2021 the voting day for President and Parliamentarians, the NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi has rushed to studio to release a new song calling upon Ugandans to turn up in big numbers to vote.

In this song titled “Tulonde” the ghetto gladiator narrates the ordeal opposition candidates have gone through during campaigns and the number of Ugandans who are in jail for opposing the ruling government.

He goes on to criticise the NRM government and President Museveni to have done nothing during this 34 years rule.

Bobi Wine also calls upon all Ugandans to ensure voting for the umbrella since it’s the only hope remaining to relieve them from the dictator’s captivity.

The same Tulonde song praises many Ugandans who have stood firm to brave teargas, livebullets and intimidation from the security to show them some love in different parts of the country.

As he headed for recording, the NUP Presidential candidate narrated that it will help him pass on the message to different districts where the electoral commission banned campaign trails.

It comes just days as the country heads for elections on Thursday next week to chose the next president and Parliamentarians who will lead this nation for the next 5 years.

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