BIG STORY: Keith Muhakanizi strikes hard in Kabale District

BIG STORY: Keith Muhakanizi strikes hard in Kabale District
The shoddy work at Buramba Health Center III which Muhakanizi ordered to be demolished

KABALE- The permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and Secretary to the Treasury Keith Muhakanizi has ordered for the demolition of part of Buramba Health Center III in Rubaya Sub County that is now under construction citing use of substandard construction materials by the contractor. 

This comes after media reports claimed that claimed that the quality of materials being used for the construction works at Buramba Health Center III in Rubaya Sub County Kabale district were below the required construction standards.

This forced the Ministry of Works to constitute a mult sectoral team to undertake technical assessment on the quality of construction works at the facility and provide guidance and this exercise was done between 9th and 12th June 2020. 

The team did the site visits together with Kabale district Political and Technical staff.

Now, in a letter dated 1st July 2020 and addressed to Kabale District Chief Administrative Officer, PS Muhakanizi said that during the site visit at Buramba Health Center III, non confirmatory tests were conducted on the materials used in the facility’s construction and he further noted that to further attest the quality of the materials, the team picked the samples and took them to Central Materials Laboratory in the Ministry of Works and Transport in Kampala to confirm the tests.

Ministry of Works and Kabale District officials visiting Buramba Health Center III

However according to Mr Muhakanizi, the results from the tests of the picked materials indicated that the Ultimate Compression Strengthen (UCS) for the concrete blocks picked from Buramba is too low compared to the required level. 

The tests also indicated that the stone aggregate had adquate mechanical properties though were slightly larger than the 20mm size specified. 

“Additionally, the combined sand samples had adequate silt content (3 percent) which is within acceptable ranges” the report indicated.

In the letter, the Ministry of Works, recommended that the construction works at Buramba Health Center III be stopped and all load bearing walls demolished and rebuilt with concrete blocks that meet the minimum specifications.


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