Candidates Defy EC Directives on Campaigns

Candidates Defy EC Directives on Campaigns
An agent of a Parliamentary candidate, moving through people in Kampala Central, reminding them about voting on thursaday.

KAMPALA– Some candidates in Kampala city have defied Electoral Commission directives and continue campaigning.

According to Electoral Commission 2020-2021 road map, all campaign activities closed on Tuesday, a day before the voting day of Presidential candidates and members of parliament.

The campaigns that started on 9th November 2020 and end in January 14th 2021, however, there are some candidates who are continuing with the campaign activities. This website has learnt that candidates on Wednesday have been moving around in some parts of the city informing voters about voting days.

Robert Abigaba, a Local Councilor and independent candidate of Kamwokya 2B parish, says whereas electoral commission closed campaigns on Tuesday, he has to continue campaigning because even his competitors are not sitting. He adds that he might not gather people or campaign openly like he has been doing since it’s illegal, but he will still move door to door reminding people about the voting days.

“I will also print campaign posters that show how voters can tick my photo and I will move house to house distributing them.” Abigaba explains.

Alex Atwiine, a resident in Bukoto who has so far witnessed some people campaigning door to door reminding voters to go and vote President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the NRM presidential candidate, says that he thinks Electoral commission should not have even bothered themselves by closing the campaigns.

“This is the real time that politics are so heating; therefore, people have to keep reminding voters about voting them”. Atwiine says.

There was also a gentleman who declined to reveal his identity to URN reporter on Wednesday morning who was seen moving in areas of Kyebando, Kamwokya and Bukoto, city suburbs carrying a louder speaker playing Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, the NUP presidential campaign songs while holding his campaign portrait.

While moving attracting people’s attention, some people were seen giving him money for campaigning for Bobi wine.

Our reporter has also identified people in parts of Kamwokya who have been moving door to door reminding people about voting and requesting them to go and vote on Thursday.


In downtown, people are still attracting whoever is passing by, showing them portraits of their candidates. Near the newly constructed old tax park, on the road that connects to Namirembe road, there is President Yoweri Museveni’s portrait, where people were buying items like drinks and offered money for people manning it.

Campaigns through social media platforms are also going on. A lot of campaigning materials are being displayed using social media platforms like Face book and WhatsApp.

Paul Bukenya, the Electoral Commission spokesperson said, candidates especially presidential and parliamentary ones, who are still campaigning are breaking the EC directive and if they are caught, the tough hand of the law shall work on them.