Disgruntled Ugandan Rubbishes President Museveni in an Open letter over unfulfilled promises

Disgruntled Ugandan Rubbishes President Museveni in an Open letter over unfulfilled promises

NEWS- As Uganda heats up for the 2021 general elections, a cross section of Ugandans have some up to show dissatisfaction over the President’s unfulfilled promises which have taken years.

The deaths of Arua MP Ibrahim Abiriga never spared the NRM’s support in Uganda’s northern city especially the actions that erupted in the aftermath.

A concerned youth who decries a number of procedures involved in reaching out to the President of the Republic of Uganda on Behalf of the people of Arua city has penned down a heart breaking letter to the president to fulfill his promises or else the party is voted out.

Below here we reproduced this open letter intended to the President of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa.


Dear our Beloved President of The Republic of Uganda *Yoweri Kaguta Museveni* 

On June 10th 2018 during the funeral service of the former Arua Municipality MP Late Hon Abiriga Ibrahim held at his ancestral home in Anyafio, Mvara Ward, 500 pieces of plastic chairs & 5 pieces of superior tents amounting to at least UGX 31,500,000 (thirty one million, five hundred thousand shillings only) belonging to our Youth led 73rd Parliament Charity Organization were unjustifiably destroyed by some angry & violent group of mourners. Those services were provided by us with the view of extending our benevolent support towards decent sendoff of our beloved MP. 

We are concerned that the incomes generated by those properties have been used for;

1. Offering scholarships for the needy people.

2. Empowering the economic levels of the members through provisions of interest free loans to members. 

3. Helping the communities in social events.

4. Providing relief to disaster affected areas. 

5. Refunding the Youth Livelihood Program loan extended to us by the Arua Municipal Council (Arua City).  

At state House in August 2018, H.E Promised to support us by replacing the destroyed chairs and tents.

We hereby request H.E the president;

I. To honor his pledge of replacing the destroyed properties as acknowledged & promised by him in August 2018 at State House in Entebbe.

II. Make a quick response to bail us from the current financial crisis. 

As active young people in West Nile, we commit;

1. Our focus to support policy legislations & investment actions that can help us achieve economic empowerment, entrepreneurship & job creation, basic & social services, good governance & accountability. 

2. Our struggle to embrace government programs focused on empowering & transforming lives of the young people.

3. Our efforts to work with the government & its agents to enable us realize our much-needed vision of empowering & transforming societies. 

 _Long Live Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni_ 


 *Drate Yassin Jaffar* 

 *General President* 

 _73rd Parliament Charity Organization_ 

Tel: 0394806588

 Email: president73rd@gmail.com