DRAMA IN CHURCH: wife catches husband red handed wedding another woman

DRAMA IN CHURCH: wife catches husband red handed wedding another woman

NEWS- Abraham Muyunda a resident at Kabwata village will never forget the previous weekend the day when his wife found him in a church wedding with another woman.

Our sniffers indicate that the wife and children moved straight to the church and the man upon looking at them nearly fainted as all the ongoing scandal was being caught on camera.

Mr. Muyunda who works for Zambia Revenue Authority at Head Office is married to Caroline Mubita and they have three children between them.

Muyunda left home today in the morning and told his wife that he had gone out of town on duty when, in fact, he was set to tie another Knot with another woman. The wedding took place at a Catholic Church in Chainda.

Mrs Muyunda was only tipped by vigilant neighbors that her husband was about to wed with another woman, after which she rushed to the said Church together with her kids where she interrupted the ceremony.

Mr Muyunda looked embarrassed as he kept looking down while his legitimate wife claimed him, in front of the Church and his illegal wife to be.

He has so far been handed over to Matero Police station where he is kept as the family discusses the way forward. He is likely to be charged with Bigmay which is a criminal matter in Zambia, and when one is convicted, they could face upto 7 years in prison.

The Bride knew Mr Muyunda was married. She is actually the one who sponsored the entire wedding.