I am single in Public, Singer Geosteady

I am single in Public, Singer Geosteady

ENT- A few weeks ago, celebrated Ugandan artiste Geosteady and his girlfriend Prima Kardashi broke up for the fifth time or more but unlike on previous occasions, they have gone a month without reconciling.

However, that might be what he wants the public to perceive because we eavesdropped on him telling his friends that he is single in public.

He said this during Kapa Cat’s concert, where he was an invited guest. So is this to say that Geosteady and Prima were just pulling stunts on us with their break up rumors yet privately, they are still a couple?

From what we also heard, these are Geosteady’s games whenever he has a new song or event coming up. Remember the Lydia Jazmine dating rumour in the time of “Same Way”?