I – profile foundation launches “Box it challenge” for Children

I - profile foundation launches
(L- R) Mercy Nassanga a senior 1student, Tyra Abok in black and yellow Lukwago Leona Valeri in pink , Aisha Ali, the team leader of I - Profile Foundation (Photo / Abraham MUTALYEBWA)

KAMPALA- In Uganda financial literacy among the adults is a night mare for most. This is because the saving culture that is  supposed to be inculcated at child hood level is not  considered as a priority while raising up children.

Over the weekend, I – Profile Foundation a Non- Profit Organisation with a knack of financial literacy, and leadership for children  commemorated the world  saving day that is held on October 31, of every year.

This was also the soft launch of the ” box it challenge” where children participated in the making of saving boxes a tool that irks  their creativity , innovation  and building their  love for financial literacy at tender ages usually from ( 6 – 14 years).

According to Aisha Ali, the team leader of I – Profile Foundation said that they had to do a soft  launch of  “Box It Challenge”and  been able to realise that the kids are amazing in regards to saving saving boxes they  made.

 ” When we called in  for applications, we  were amazed by the creativity they show cased and  some of them went ahead to even start  saving, this is the reason we chose to award them since most of them have a great attachment to these boxes” Aisha  added.

 Vincent Nsereko, the chief operating officer, noted that  it is one thing to have the saving boxes but also getting in love with saving or finances is awhole new thing.

” We want to have parents to play a role in financial literacy among their children. since most of us started  after University, it is the the reason we want to change the narrative. One of the difficult thing is to have the conversation regarding financial literacy  with the children. One of them is using the puzzles to develop their critical thing skills,  convey messages with the use of  photos making it easy  with the kids” Nsereko Said.

The parents thanked the foundation for nurturing their children who are the next generation to learn and practice the saving culture.

Additionally, some of the children that participated such as ; Mercy Nassanga, Tyra Obok, James Park Malinga and Lukwago Leona Valeri were also given cash prizes  to put in their boxes.