Independents outnumber party candidates in Rukungiri district

Independents outnumber party candidates in Rukungiri district

RUKUNGIRI- 13 independent candidates have been nominated to run for different Parliamentary seats out numbering 9 who were nominated from different Political parties in Rukungiri district.

The 22 candidates nominated on Thursday and Friday will compite for four parliamentary slots in the district. The district is represented in the Counties of Rubabo, Rujumbura, Rukungiri Municipality and the District woman parliamentary seat.

Out of the 19 candidates nominated to run for seats in Bududa district 13 of them are running as independents.

Of the 13 independent candidates, 7 are eyeing the Municipality seat, 1 is competing for Rujumbura Parliamentary seat, 2 for the Woman seat while 3 are vying for Rubabo county legislator’s seat.

Two of the 13 were defeated in the parties’ primary elections and after feeling discontented with the results, they decided to run as independents.

Those standing as independents in the Municipality include Apollo Kabano, George Owakukiroru Tumwesigye, Mbabazi Arthur, Amanya Tumukunde Nduhuura, Ingrid Turinawe, Komujuni Jovita and Osbert Muriisa.

Tushabomwe David Ndindirize, Rwabatongoore Rweishe Wilber and Peggy Natukunda Mafigyiri are independently eyeing Rubabo County Parliamentary seat as Muhoozi Grace Mugasha looks for Rujumbura county seat.

Innocent Nabaasa Kashobera and Joslyne Winnie Babihuga independently seeking for support on the Rukungiri Woman Parliamentary seat.

Ingrid Turinawe the former FDC strong lady, when asked on her decision to stand as an independent, she told the press that it’s time to face off the community seeking for their support as a person so that she can represent their ideas.