Kagwirawo betting roots for more online services to stem the spread of COVID-19

Kagwirawo betting roots for more online services to stem the spread of COVID-19
(L - R )Chris Mabonga, the manager Kagwirawo,Dr. Innocent Nahabwe, the CEO and Ashraf Habib Ajobe, the General Manager Blue Cube addressing the press at their new premises in Kansanga( Photo / Courtesy)

KAMPALA- The sports business is one of the fun and entertainment industries that were given a bloody nose due to COVID-19 across the globe. This greatly affected the  gaming and sports betting ventures because of the redundancy and activity.

Kagwirawo sports betting one of the indigenous pioneer companies has on Wednesday,  September 30, 2020 encouraged its clients to use more of it’s online platforms .

According to Dr.Innocent  Nahabwe, Kagwirawo’s Chief Executive Officer  said that they are advising people to use more of their online platforms since it is one way of stemming the spread of COVID-19 after all physical shops were closed and not sure about their opening.

“This is one of the business that is highly regulated by the Uganda Games and Lottery board. So, we add alot of value to this country in terms of jobs, taxes and economic development though  it is an addictive thing,” he said.

“We realised that in the month of March that the government closed the shops and that is why if the shops are closed, some can continue with their stuff regardless and it can be done using any simple phone such as Kabiriti which is our indirect role,” said Chris Mabonga the manager Kagwirawo.

“We are everywhere, instant and the process is very simple making us one of the best and reliable companies that is locally owned. We are very comfortable and are doing business and the COVID-19 lockdown proved that getting online is the new mode of doing business at one’s convinience.”  Explained Ashraf Habib Ajobe, the General Manager Blue cube.

Recently, the president Museveni gave a green light for the resumption of sports in the country on condition that they observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) with no spectators.

Kagwirawo betting is a locally owned company that has established it’s footing in Uganda under Blue Cube with its sister company Galaxy FM.