Lightening strikes 9 cows dead in Kanungu district

Lightening strikes 9 cows dead in Kanungu district
cows belonging to Rev Tibemanya that were killed by lightening

KANUNGU- The family of Rev Eliphaz Tibemanya a resident of Kyepatiko village in Nyakinoni Sub County is counting losses after 9 cows and a number of chicken were yesterday killed by lightening.

According to a witness who asked not to be named, the incident took place Sunday afternoon during the heavy downpour characterised by thunder and lightening.

It’s reported that the rain found the cows grazing in the farm but had taken shelter under the tree where all of them were struck dead.

Rev Tibemanya who was at his home at the time of the incident said that it was total loss.

He narrated that the lightening was  too powerful because himself suffered unconsciousness when it struck because he fell off from the chair where he was seated and it was after he regained consciousness, that he looked through the window and saw his cows lying dead under the tree.

This is a 3rd lightening incident in a week.

On June 14th 2020, a 16 year old S.2 student of Trinity College Butugota identified as  Amutuheire Patience was struck dead by lightening in Rutendere village, as she took shelter at a neighbor’s home.

On the same day, a man in Kanyungusi village in Kanyatorogo Sub County was rushed to Kihihi Health Center IV after he was struck by lightening and got paralysed.