“Mafias nearly failed my nomination”, Ruhinda South MP Kahonda


MITOOMA- The Ruhinda county legislator Hon Mugabe Donozio Kahonda has revealed that mafias tried to block his nomination so that he is stopped from contesting in the 2021 general elections.

Hon Kahonda the Ruhinda South NRM flag bearer was nominated Thursday October 15th 2020 after a long argument and query on his documents.

Kahonda told this Online Publication that some people who flocked the nomination centre without booking even tried to block him from being nominated though they never succeeded.

Kahonda reached the nomination centre at around 9am but the officials halted his nomination for close to 2 hours which brought confusion at the centre.

Kahonda defeated Maj General Kahinda Otafiire in the 2016 Ruhinda County Parliamentary race which sparked a poor relationship between the duo.

Our reporters have it clear that if Ruhinda Was not divided into two, Maj General Kahinda Otafiire was expected to lose again to Kahonda and some of the voters in Ruhinda say they will miss Kahonda forever.

By the time Kahonda won the Elections, he was in prison.

Major General Kahinda Otafiire was the first person to be nominated in Mitooma district though he had not booked according to trusted sources.

Matters became worse when the party chairperson Wilberforce Byaboneka missed a photo with Kahonda and yet he took a photo with all flag bearers.

Wilberforce Byaboneka is a strong ally to Major General Kahinda Otafiire who has always been critical to Captain Dononzio Kahonda. He was at the nomination centre when Kahonda was suffering to make his way through for nomination in pain.

NRM has four candidates in Mitooma district who were all nominated on the first day but the party chairperson took photos with other flag bearers except Captain Donozio Mugabe Kahonda.

Kahonda will now battle Atwiine Victor of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Didas Kaginda and Atwiine Arthur Kazoora who are contesting as independents to retain the Ruhinda South Parliamentary seat.