Mr. BABA RAA distances self from acquiring Stimulus Funds for Artists


KAMPALA – The music industry in Uganda is one of those sectors that was put on its knees due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In order to keep the economic bit of these artists up to speed, the government of Uganda allocated a tune of UGx.47Bn meant to cushion them from the blow under the Umbrella body of National Union of Creative Performing Artists  and Allied Workers Union (NUCPAAW).

There has  been rumors circulating  on the  social media streets  that  live reggae artist  Ramah Muyinda alias Mr. BABA RAA a legal representative received money from Alhajji Musa Kigongo on their behalf which he has revealed that all that information is not true.

Some of these allegations originating from a voice note from  the Secretary General of NUCPAAW, Mrs. Anita Seruwagi are baseless, unfounded and are targeting to damage my name, clients and my career, Mr. BABA RAA spoke to

He narrates and says that all the propaganda and blackmail started when other artists contacted him as their legal representative after spending months with no communication from their leaders about the progress on the Stimulus Funds allocated for them.

He clears the air and says that he has been getting calls from other artists asking accountability yet he is not even aware about the funds.

On Friday, January 8, they matched together with other artists to get clarity from the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLD) regarding the update on the status quo since some of their leaders have been having meetings and had never communicated to them.

He was glad to report that they were informed that in the near future as one of the sectors hit hard by the pandemic, they will be allowed to hit the working space after consultations with the Ministry of Health.

Recently, artists have had struggles to see how to make this copyright law work so that they can eke out a living regardless whether they perform or not but all this is work in progress and hasn’t yielded fruit yet.

The NUCPAAW is an Umbrella body that brings together the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), Disco Jokers, Events Master  of Ceremonies( MCs), Dancers, Comedians and other associations better.