Police officers confess gunning down MP’s body guard

Kato Lubwama among those gunned down in Kampala protests

NEWS- Local leaders in Busia district have fired at the area Police and security operatives for engaging in crime instead of protecting them.

The locals who are now leaving in fear following the killing of a bodyguard of Busia Municipality Member of Parliament Geoffrey Macho want all the police officers in the district transferred.

The deceased Kakayi was gunned down by 3 assailants on Sunday morning while waiting for his boss who had gone to pray at a nearby church called Devine ministries of deliverance in Busia Municipality.

Kakayi was seated in Macho’s ride when he was first shot in the neck and fled into the church compound where the assailants followed him and shot him in the head.

George Barasa, the Chairperson of the Association of LC I and LC II chairmen in Busia says residents are fuming and angered at the acts of police officers.

He has appealed to the government to transfer all police officers at Busia central police station because they continue to engage in acts of crime and get away with it Scott free.

The suspects are Patrick Javula the officer In charge of Intelligence, Cpl Stanley Cholongoi the Commandant of the Police Flying Squad Unit in Busia, and Aramanzan Wansani a crime preventer.

Paul Kalikwan, the Busia Deputy Resident District Commissioner, says the suspects have confessed to the crime following rigorous interrogations.