President Museveni Cracks whip, fires 3 KCCA directors

“Why would any sensible Ugandan stand to oppose me” Museveni
HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the NRM National Chairman

KAMPALA- Engineer Andrew Kitaka has resigned from Kampala Capital City Authority, months after handing the office of the Executive Director. Saturday October 31, 2020, will mark the end of his nine-year journey which started on November 1, 2011.

Kitaka was appointed KCCA acting Executive Director in December taking office from Jeniffer Musisi, who resigned from the helm of the authority, to take up up an assignment as the first city leader in residence at Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, a collaboration between Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Today Friday 30th October, at least three Directors have had their contracts expire (without State House indicating any appetite for renewal) implying Gen Museveni (who they have been lobbying through proxies) has constructively decided he doesn’t want them anymore.

Those affected by contract expiry today include Gender Director Harriet Mudondo, the superrich Andrew Kitaka (Director Engineering & Technical Services) and Moses Bwire (Director Internal Audit). They have each powerfully served at City Hall for more than 8 years since the founding of KCCA under Musisi who Gen Museveni empowered and allowed to single-handedly recruit whoever she felt like. In fact, that is how the trio and others (who eased out before) got those powerful positions at KCCA.

Whereas in government, Director positions are commonly limited to 2 terms, at KCCA it’s different because the mother Act makes such terms open-ended which is why the affected trio lobbied under the false hope that the man from Rwakitura would treat them magnanimously.


Kitaka, who had initially lobbied for the KCCA ED job which he held in acting capacity for more than a year, had weeks ago taken prolonged leave having realized, through his emissaries, that Gen Museveni was done with him.

Sources reveal that Kitaka’s extreme wealth is one of the things that intrigued the President to the extent of writing him off. Intelligence sources say that Mr. Kitaka (who for 8 years has been having the last word on most of the road construction deals being the line Director) is simply one of the richest engineers in Uganda.

He marries Dr. Sabrina Kitaka and Gen Museveni became more disenchanted towards him recently when he learnt that, on getting premonition he wasn’t going to be confirmed for the ED position, Eng Kitaka curiously signed off many contracts and by the time Dorothy Kisaka moved in as ED, she found much of the money related to infrastructure in the city had been committed in the months and weeks preceding the announcement of her appointment.

On realizing that Gen Museveni hadn’t come through as expected, the emotionally-broken Kitaka on Thursday evening authored his farewell message to fellow KCCA staff ostensibly to create a false impression that he had voluntarily resigned or declined contract renewal which isn’t the case. This is what his farewell message read like: 

“Dear Colleagues, I have come to the end of my tenure of service at KCCA which started on 1 November 2011.

On 31st October 2020 it will be nine (9) years of service at KCCA. What a Journey! We have walked this journey together and I would like to thank you most sincerely for the support you have accorded me during this period.

The transformation of our City Kampala is a process that many will contribute to and hopefully will be achieved within our lifetime. I HAVE DONE MY PART.

I would like to thank most sincerely HE the President of Uganda for entrusting me with this great responsibility and the Hon Ministers under whom I have served during the nine years for the support and guidance given to me.

To that staff of the Directorate of Engineering & Technical Services, your invaluable efforts have been key to the successes of KCCA and I appreciate you very much. For those that I could have wronged in the execution of my duties, I sincerely apologize.

I trust that Kampala City remains under the stewardship of very capable hands that will carry on with the good work. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. Eng Andrew M Kitaka. DIRECTOR ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL SERVICES.”