PREVENTIVE MEASURES: Government considering testing of all teachers before reopening schools

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Medical personnel drawing samples for a coronavirus test

KAMPALA-  All teachers in Uganda are bound to be tested for Covid-19 by the government before they resume their classroom duties next month.

According to reliable sources in the National Covid-19 Taskforce, who prefer anonymity revealed to the media this week that government’s proposal is to have all teachers tested before the reopening of schools.

But Alex Kakooza who is the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education is skeptical of the proposal. He argues that it is not feasible.

“What would have been preferable is to test everyone. But the way we are at the moment as a country, we don’t have the capacity. It will be very expensive. Wherever there will be an absolute need, we shall take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our children, including testing those involved,” Kakooza said.

Yesterday, parliamentarians also voiced these sentiments in the August house with several legislators stating that government should take all necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of pupils and students from the deadly virus.

Another cause for concern for the MPs is the excessive Covid-19 test fees that amount to Ugx 250,000 which caused a public uproar among their various constituents.

Mr Hassadu Kirabira, the Kampala representative of the National Private Educational Institutions Association (NPEIA), yesterday admitted that they had received information to test teachers but wondered how the cost will be met, especially that they have been in lockdown without any source of income.

During his most recent presidential address, The Head of state while updating the country on Covid-19 last weekend reopened schools to fin year students and places of worship. He however limited the attendance to only 70 worshippers.

President Museveni also gave the greenlight to outdoor sporting activities provided that players are isolated in one location and regularly tested twice a month to establish their Covid-19 status.