RESURRECTION SCARE: Kabale residents left in shock as a teenager buried 2 months ago returns alive

RESURRECTION SCARE: Kabale residents left in shock as a teenager buried 2 months ago returns alive

KABALE- Residents of Omururinda village in Kicumbi parish Kamuganguzi sub county Kabale district were on Thursday left in shock when a 19-year-old boy that was buried two months ago resurfaced alive.

Clinton Tindyebwa, a resident of Omururinda cell, in Kicumbi Parish Kamuganguzi Sub County, Kabale district allegedly disappeared from his parents’ home on June 29, 2020. 

On July 6, 2020, at around 8am, the Chairperson LCI of Nyinanyondu cell one, reported a case of death by drowning of an unidentified person at Kamuganguzi police station.

Later, Police officers from Kabale Police Station visited the scene and retrieved the body that had begun decomposing and transferred it to Kabale hospital mortuary it was then that one Peninah Kamuhanda whose son had disappeared went and identified the body in the mortuary and she confirmed that it as was indeed her son.

Peninah Kamuhanda says that on June 29th 2020 she woke up early to go to the gardens with her son (Tindyebwa) who was asking for his medicine being that he is mentally sick but she told him to sleep as it was too early he went back to bed but after one hour he woke up again and she have him medication it was then that she left him at home with his young sibling.

But on her return she was told that Tindyebwa had left, it was then that she followed him but failed to get him and she then went to police and reported a case but on July 7th 2020 she was told that they had recovered a dead person floating on lake Bunyonyi and the body was in mortuary at Kabale regional referral hospital.

It was on July 8th 2020 that she went there she found the body was decomposing as the face was not recognizable but on checking he was like her son as the size of the corpse was the same. She was given the body and they buried him on July 9th 2020.

Kamuhanda says that she was on Thursday September 16th shocked when she was called by some people in the trading center that her son had resurfaced as he was alive.

Beatrice Tusiime a resident of Nyakitoma village Kicumbi parish says that Kamuhanda has all along been accusing her and his son for having connived and killed his son and later dump the body in lake bunyonyi saying that their differences came after Kamuhanda accused her daughter (Tusiime) for having had forced canal knowledge of his son as now she is demanding an apology from her for having accused her wrongly as well withdraw the murder case that he has reported at kabale police station.

Tindyebwa Clinton says that on June 29th 2020 he left home and went to kabale town with a chicken and his bag which he sold and later got transport and he boarded vehicle  going to look for jobs which later dropped him in a trading center in Ntungamo at around 7pm. This is where he met a Boda Boda man who told him he can get a job for him in a home where he says that he wasn’t comfortable and later escaped.

He then went to another home in Rwakabizi’s home in Musana village Rubaare Rushenyi county Ntungamo district where he was given a job of looking after cows but after working for July and August and he demanded for his money they failed to pay him he then decided to leave even though he didn’t have money he opted to walk up to the main road.

He says that after working for two months without being paid he on Thursday decided to leave and he first walked for some distance when he got in a trading center he was helped by some good Samaritans who managed to collect ugx 10,000 and he boarded a vehicle to Kabale town.

James Kabaremese the Omururinda village  LCI chairperson says that it’s was so shocking as they know that Tindyebwa was buried as police gave them his body and his mother buried him, he says that it’s so shocking at first they thought he was a ghost but when he explained to them they accepted.By the time of filing this story the police weren’t aware about the matter.