Shun politics of hate and Embrace Development

Shun politics of hate and Embrace Development

KABALE- Kabale District Kadhi, Sheik Kabu Lule has called on the public to shun politics of hate based on tribalism and religions.

Sheik Kabu made the call during the celebration of Eid al Adha, at Kirigime Mosque head quarters in Kabale Municipality, through which faithful commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion and his readiness to sacrifice his son, Ismail before the sacrifice was replaced with a ram from God and in his honor, Muslims are expected to slaughter an animal as a sacrifice to mark this occasion.

But the celebration this year has been disrupted by the closure of mosques and a ban on congregations of any kind, as the world battles a new strain of coronavirus disease, which spreads faster through person-to-person contact. 

“This is the first Eid Al-Adha to be celebrated with mosques closed, celebrants at their homes and preaching’s conducted virtually” Sheikh Kabu noted.

Sheik Kabu Lule revealed that as Ugandans gear up for elections in the coming months they should desist from politics of tribalism and vote someone who is going to serve the community diligently without discrimination.

His remarks come at a time after people have started defacing posters of Candidates in Kabale and Rubanda Districts.

Kabale chairman Muslim District Council Hajji Issah Tindyebwa, urged the public to ensure that they vote leaders of development without discrimination.

He added that a good leader should serve all people equally without religion sectarianism saying that whoever wants to serve people basing on religions should go to that religion and serve them.