STAND WARNED: Police to reinstate curfew check points tonight

STAND WARNED: Police to reinstate curfew check points tonight
Heavy police deployment- Courtesy photo

KAMPALA- The Uganda Police Force have given the general public pirior warning that starting tonight, they will start arresting people who abuse curfew hours.

According to a statement issued by Kampala Metroplitan Police Spokesman Patrick Onyango, the Police especially in Kampala will arrest motorists who drive past curfew hours and pedestrians who will be found walking on the streets.

In the statement, Onyango advised the general public to respect the curfew hours that were directed by President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni in his last national address where he gave directives aimed at combating the spread of Coronavirus.

This development comes after the Police in Kampala busted a gang of revelers who move at night into private houses where they engage themselves into sex orgies.

Onyango said that at least 21 people were on Saturday night arrested from a private house in Kireka surbubs near Kampala and the Police have since noticed that there are other people planning the same functions but they risk being arrested.