Stop having a poor teaching attitude, Teachers urged

Stop having a poor teaching attitude, Teachers urged
A Primary school pupils work

RUKUNGIRI- Teachers have been urged to shun the poor attitude towards teaching as they focus on getting results.

The call was made on Oct 14th 2020 made by Bannet Birungi an official working under the Teacher Development Policy Department in the Ministry of Education and Sports who warned head teachers in Rukungiri.

He said that having an absolute attitude towards teaching will produce accountable teachers together with a standardized level of education.

It was from this reference that Birungi advised all teachers without degrees to go on and upgrade their career by acquiring a degree.

Birungi made the remarks during the secession where all Head teachers of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary schools were issued with certificates of compliance with the SOPs from the Ministry of Health in order for them to open up schools tomorrow 15th Oct 2020.

Speaking at the same function, Rukungiri District Inspector of schools, Ms Aidah Gumisiriza revealed that most schools in Rukungiri have satisfied the requirements that qualified them to reopen apart from a few challenges which may need to be corrected with immediate effect.

She gave the end of the use of calibrated temperature guns which remains a big challenge to many schools but it is expected that each school must buy at least two temperature guns.

She also said that most primary schools do not have security guards who are to work as get keepers while those who have them are too illiterate and some primary schools which have opted for boarding school do not have qualified health workers to handle the boarding section and urged them to get qualified health workers.

She concluded by warning schools who had borrowed temperature guns at the time of inspection to be very careful and buy their own equipment because the inspection will become continuous.  

Rukungiri District Education Officer Mr. Jackson Turyahumura cautioned teachers to endeavor to account for the money worth Ugx 1.5m that has been sent to them.

However on a good note, Ms Gumisiriza mentioned that most Secondary schools have managed to put in place the Standard Operating Procedures.

So however, he advised Head teachers to train the staff on the use and maintenance of the temperature guns and also asked managers of all primary schools to employ 24 hours working security guards.

She concluded by advising all schools which never met the standards to allocate the children to other schools other than missing their exams. 

 Mr. Jackson Turyahumura cautioned all heads of schools that schools should either be a boarding school or a day school and nobody should be put at risk by operating both.

He continued to warn the teachers to endeavor to keep records for all the visitors and this will help in tracing the contacts of people in case of any corona outbreak in the school.

The DEO told the meeting that 24 schools and Institutions within Rukungiri district are ready to open, while only 7 others are still pending. DEO concluded by saying that the successful implementation of these SOPS will entirely depend on all Head teachers and therefore they were advised not to betray our district.