Stop land fragmentation! Rukiga RDC Muhindo cautions parents on unproductive vice

Stop land fragmentation! Rukiga RDC Muhindo cautions parents on unproductive vice
Some Rukiiga District leaders on a visit to Ntungamo Integrated Farm and Demonstration Centre (NIFADC)

NTUNGAMO- The RDC Rukiga District Pulkeria Muhindo Mwine has challenged parents to stop the tendency of land fragmentation noting that it will retard the individual and household productivity.

RDC Ms Muhindo revealed that some parents have been dividing land amongst children even before their parents are still alive, something that has affected commercial farming in the country.

She advised parents to manage their properties like companies, with their children and other dependents acquiring shares so that their wealth does not ‘die’ with them.

 Land fragmentation is defined as the situation in which a single farm or ownership consists of numerous spatially separated plots.

Ms Muhindo made these remarks on Wednesday while leading a delegation composed of politicians, technocrats and farmers from Rukiga district during a one day agricultural tour at Ntungamo Integrated Farm and Demonstration Centre (NIFADC) owned by a model farmer Namara James in Kyabahinda Nyarubaare Ruhaama county, Ntungamo district.

She hailed Namara James for not subdividing his land accordingly to his children but instead use the land as family such that even when he dies, the land will remain intact which every parent should emulate for sustainable income.

Muhindo also asked youth to use their parents land instead of running away from villages to towns if they are to avoid being used in political violence.

The Rukiga District vice chairperson Muganiizi Jackson appealed to the general public to always use land as an investment for the family in order to maximize the profits saying that when land is portioned to children they may sell everything.

 Muganiizi also advised youth who are looming in urban areas seeking jobs to go back to villages and concentrate on agriculture as a job as the only way to curb the increasing youth unemployment in the country.

Namara James, a model farmer and proprietor of Ntungamo Integrated Farm and Demonstration Centre (NIFADC) reminded the public that societal transformation starts with one person noting that people should stop a tendency of saying that they are waiting for others to start.

The Rukiga District Agricultural officer Ismail Gayina hailed Namara James for being a role model farmer in the area who has trained many farmers from all walks of life.