There is no way you can secure your future under Tibuhaburwa’s leadership- Rev. Fr Gaetano

There is no way you can secure your future under Tibuhaburwa's leadership- Rev. Fr Gaetano
Rev Fr Gaetano Batanyenda of Kitanga Parish and President Yoweri Museveni

RUKIGA- The parish priest for Kitanga parish in Rukiga district, Rev. Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda who doubles as the vice chairperson for Kick corruption out of Uganda, has implored Ugandans to secure their future by changing leadership especially the president and incompetent members of parliament.

While commenting on the current political season and the COVID-19 situation, the man of God stressed that there is a need for Ugandans to elect genuine leaders because many current leaders are selfish, to the extent of using coronavirus as an excuse and advantage to implement their personal plans like politics and corruption.

‘Many people aren’t observing the Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs because they are picking from what some of their leaders are doing,’ he added.

The National Resistance Movement-NRM is currently using a slogan ‘Securing Your Future’, which Gaetano says no future can be secured by NRM and President Museveni because they have promised to, and implemented less since the 1996 election.

Gaetano challenges capable Ugandans including leaders like the clergy to be voices of the voiceless instead of succumbing to bribery and other irregularities by the current regime.

Voters especially the youth should also vote wisely to cause change if they want their future secured and get out of poverty because ‘the children of God have been surrendered to wolves and lions’.