Ugandan Father, 5 others arrested for sacrificing a child

Rukungiri school administrator arrested for reopening school for non-candidates

NEWS- The Police in Oyam district have in detention a 47-year-old man and five other residents for child sacrifice. 

The suspects according to Police are Bosco Owidi, Anjulina Ejang, 42, Bosco Obote, 24, Bonny Okello, 36, Torencio Okello, 21 and Jennet Adongo 56. It is alleged that Owidi, connived with Adong, a witchdoctor based in Oyam, and a number of his friends to sacrifice his daughter Rescuta Ajok in the pursuit for riches.

According to the police, the deceased went missing on October, 2nd 2 2020 after her mother left her with three siblings at home and went to fetch water from a nearby borehole.

However, the deceased’s mother, Rafela Apio, a resident of Anget A Village, Aleka Sub County  reported a case of her missing child to Iceme Police Station, suspecting her husband and the co-wife Anjulina Ejang for masterminding the disappearance.

A police officer who talked on condition of anonymity says the deceased’s mother claims that a day before the disappearance, her co-wife insulted her and hinted on a plan for a ritual sacrifice which would make them rich. The juvenile’s body was discovered on Saturday afternoon near a swamp in Anget A Village, after a weeklong search.

Grace Musoke Nababi, the Oyam District Police Commander says that the body had been severed beyond recognition by the time it was found. One ear, one eye and the private parts were all missing.She said police has opened a case of child sacrifice at Oyam Central Police Station adding that all the suspects are under police custody as investigations continue. Thirteen cases of ritual murders were reported in 2019 across the country according to Police Annual Crime Report.