Who were Ugandans behind the Heroes day and the essence of the day?

Who were Ugandans behind the Heroes day and the essence of the day?

KAMPALA- Heroes’ Day or National Heroes’ Day may refer to a number of commemorations of national heroes in different countries. It is often held on the birthday of a national hero or heroine, or the anniversary of their great deeds that made them heroes.

The very first National Resistance Army (NRA), fighters who led the foundation for today’s Uganda.

They are Uganda’s heroes forever

RO/ 0001 Gen(Rtd)Yoweri Kaguta Museveni(President)

R/O 0002 Brigadier Eriya Kategaya(Deceased)

RO/ 0003 Capt.William Mwesigwa(Deceased)

RO/ 0004 Capt.Valeriano Rwaheru(Deceased)

RO/ 0005 Capt.Martin Mwesiga(Deceased)

RO/ 0006 Lt,Mpima Kazimoto (Deceased)

RO/ 0007 Lt.Malibo Abwoli (Deceased)

RO/ 0008 Lt.James Karuhanga(Deceased)

RO/ 0009 Capt.James Birihanze(Deceased)

RO/ 00010 Capt.Laiti Omongin(Deceased)

RO/ 00011 Major Ahmed Seguya(Deceased)

RO /00012 Major Fred Nkuranga(Deceased)

RO/00013 Capt.Wilson Mwangisi (Deceased)

RO/00014 Maj.Gen.Kahinda Otafire

RO/00015 Maj.Gen.Fred Rwigyema(Deceased)

RO/00016 Gen.Salim Saleh

RO/0017 Brig.Chef Ali

RO/00018 Lt.Gen.Ivan Koreta

RO/00019 Capt.Mulle Muwanga(Deceased)

RO/00020 Capt.Shaban Kashanku(Deceased)

RO/00021 Lt.Col.Sam Katabarwa(Deceased)

RO/00022 Lt.Col.Sam Magara(Deceased)

RO/00023 Gen.Elly Tumwine(Active)

RO/00024 Brig.Julius Bihandae(Retired)

RO/00025 Maj.Hannington Mugabi(Deceased)

RO/00026 Maj.Gen.Pecos Kutesa(Active)

RO/00027 Col.Fred Mwesigye(Retired)

RO/00031 Gen.David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefinza

RO/00033 Maj.Gen.Jim Muhwezi(Retired)

RO/00034 Maj.Gen.Matayo Kyaligonza(Retired)

RO/00037 Major Gen.Jerom Mugume(Active)

RO/00038 Brig.Stephen Kashaka(Active)

RO/00040 Lt.Col.Ahmed Kashilingi(Retired)

RO/00047 Col.Gyagenda Kibirango(Active)

RO/00049 Major John Mugisha(Active)

This is the reason we celebrate Heroes day.

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